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Frequently Asked Questions

We know barndos from experience.

Yes, barndominiums do hold their value. Many times we see that appraisals come in higher than the cost to build, which is great for you guys. Long term, we've also noticed that the exterior being steel means less maintenance for you guys and it holds up better in inclement weather compared to vinyl siding

The average build time on our Barndominiums is six months. We are always looking to get better and improve that metric. However, the average currently is six months. All contract language says 12 months because we match the terminology from the bank. So just know we are contractually stating that your home will be complete within that 12-month period of closing on your loan. However, our build times are averaging six months. It could be sooner or longer. It just depends.
Historically, the difference between building a two-story home and building a one-story home meant that the two-story home would be cheaper. However, with recent supply chain issues and the increase in construction costs, there is now a break-even point between building up versus building out. Two-story homes can be beneficial in instances where there is a significant amount of grading that needs to be done in order to do a slab foundation. However, under normal circumstances, a slab foundation is the first choice.

Here at The Barndominium Company, we do have stock floor plans on our website. The stock floor plans are a great starting point for many clients. From there, you can build as is or you can make modifications to those plans. Keep in mind that all load bearing walls are exterior on the Barndominium builds. Interior walls can be moved or changed as much as you want to fit your needs a bit better. If you want to go the custom plan route, you can do the full Barndo custom experience with our in-house design team. The process does take a bit longer and costs a bit more, but you get exactly what you want here at The Barndo Co.

Our service area for where we build is outlined here:

Of course, you are welcome to purchase a floor plan and have any other builder build it for you 🙂

Our floor plans come with all specifications your builder will need down to the 1/4" and have been combed through by an architect.