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Barndominiums don't require sacrifice.

Get more bang for your buck and build your dream luxury home at an affordable price.

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We take the complication out of building barndominiums.

The Barndo Guys
Tj Norris and Ross Ledford, Co-Owners
The Barndo CO.

About Our Company

The Barndo Co. was founded with one goal in mind: to bring elegance and luxury to the people that deserve it most. You. We can help you map out your dream home and build it at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or amenities.

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Award Winning Projects

We take pride in our work and make sure to only build the best quality homes down to the nails and bolts. We’re meticulous with the details of our project so that the final result is something we both can be proud of.

Limitless options

Why Choose Us

Free and Open Floor Plans

The way we design our barndos requires no interior load bearing walls.

Insulation Easy

Reduce the overall size of your AC unit and add about 40% more strength to the structure with our spray foam insulation.

Affordable To Build

No other building plan with allow you to build massive sqaure footage that a barndo gives.

Limitless Flooring Option

Stained concrete, carpet, tile, stone and all other flooring options. Whatever your heart desires. The sky is the limit.

Maintenance Free

Most come with a 50 year warranty metal siding and roof that's very low maintenance.

Completely Custom

Every inch of the interior can be customized at any time if you decide to rearrange at a later date.


What Our Clients Say

We aim to make sure everyone is 100% happy with our builds.

"I never thought I'd be able to build the type of luxury homes that The Barndo Co. built for us. This is simply the best investment that we've ever made."
Michelle P.
"My wife and I would argue about what to put in the house. We found The Barndo Co. and we can customize every aspect of our house and we both got everything we wanted and our home is amazing!"
John J.
"We absolutely love our home. The Barndo Co. made the whole process simple and amazing."
Smith T.

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