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The Maple Kit


The Maple Kit

The Maple Kit by The Barndo Co is a spacious, elegant barndominium layout that will be the talk of every conversation. With a spacious attached garage via breezeway, 2,488 SF of living space, a huge covered patio, and 5,916 SF of Total U/R space, this property is enough room to entertain any size party. See all kits.

Features Of The Maple Barndo Kit

About The Barndo Co Barndominium Kits

The Barndo Co. kits can be shipped to you anywhere in the continental United States. Kits are a full-service product delivery to put your entire barndominium shell and framing in place. Our typical barndominium kits include all of your exterior framing, interior wall framing, roof framing, sheathing for the roof and the walls, 26 gauge metal siding, 26 gauge metal roofing, and all the required screws to attach the metal. Each kit also includes cypress porch framing kits with tongue and groove ceiling material, as well as your post anchor brackets, trusses, any hardware to install, house wrap, house wrap tape, and window flashing. Kits can also include entry doors, windows, and garage doors.

Most of our kits can be shipped on one to three flatbed trucks and are normally delivered together at the home site. The average lead time for a kit is 5-7 days which includes time to receive your order, confirm the material availability, load your order, and deliver your order.

Our delivery team will arrive on-site with equipment to unload the flatbed and put the material safely on your job site. As always, The Barndo Co. guarantee is that all of the necessary framing members will be on-site, and if there’s a discrepancy, we will need to communicate with the builder to understand what caused the discrepancy and then ship you any additional materials needed, potentially at an additional cost.

Our Barndominium Kits Give You Everything.

We get it. You can barely assemble that drawer you ordered from IKEA, so you may not believe you can use a building kit. However, our barndominium kits are designed to be as beginner friendly as possible. We’ll give you an assembly manual that explains everything in terms that are easy to understand. Many clients who claimed they had no assembly skills used our building kit perfectly. We also have staff ready to help you with every construction process step.

So, what's inside our kit? Let's peek inside:

Of course, not all kits are created equal. We can add additional floors, overhangs, porches, and much more. No matter your plan, we’ll give you everything you need to create your best barndominium possible.

Everything went together as they said it would. It came with the floor plan included and handed it straight to our builder and he said it was easy to follow.

The Maple Kit

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