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Barndominium Kits

Today’s high home prices and uncertain economy has led consumers to be clever when having a livable home that does not sacrifice space. Enter the barndominium. A clever mish-mash of “barn” and “condominium,” this home trend can give you your dream home for less.

So, why a barndominium? With its steel frame, energy-efficient style, and its ability for customization, it can be your dream home, providing comfortable living space at affordable prices. Changing a brick house can be challenging, but adding a few more metal panels for your barn? Easy-peasy!
The Aspen Barndo Kit Front

We provide barndominium kits, helping you create your home with all the fixings. Need a large garage? We can do it! Want horse stalls in it? We can do that! We can make any floor plan you have come to reality, all for a fraction of the price. Let’s explain how.

What's Included In A Kit?

Cost Savings Over Conventional Construction

When it comes to purchasing barndominiums, many go with a pre-built. However, our DIY metal building kits allow you to create your palace for far less. You’re in charge of the building process from beginning to end. You don’t need to suffer from the hassle of dealing with fussy contractors or worrying about fixing someone else’s mess. Gone are the woes traditional construction brings to the table. Instead, you’re the person who builds the steel building however you want.

A barndominium kit lets you create it with little cost; sometimes, buying a pre-built one can cost more! Who wants that? Instead, you can kiss those high costs of wood construction goodbye as you create your dream barndominium.

A Barnful of Benefits

Let’s look at some benefits of building a barndominium over a traditional home.

Barndo Kit Under Construction
Wood Hybrid

Metal Barndominium Kits Give You Everything

We get it. You can barely assemble that drawer you ordered from IKEA, so you may not believe you can use a building kit. However, our barndominium kits are designed to be as beginner friendly as possible. We’ll give you an assembly manual that explains everything in terms that are easy to understand. Many clients who claimed they had no assembly skills used our building kit perfectly. We also have staff ready to help you with every construction process step.

So, what’s inside our kit? Let’s peek inside:

Of course, not all kits are created equal. We can add additional floors, overhangs, porches, and much more. No matter your plan, we’ll give you everything you need to create your best barndominium possible.

Barndominium Floor Plans

Our metal barndominium kits make creating floor plans a breeze. You can send us a rough draft, and we can help you easily perfect your floor plan. We’ll be realistic, according to your needs, budget, and how many square feet you need to make your home a reality. If you have ANY questions, we can guide you through the process. From the beginning to where the appliances must be placed, we’ll give you the low-down.


What makes barndominiums special is that they don’t require any interior structural load-bearing walls. This fact gives you more space, so many opt for metal buildings that are one giant room. However, making more private rooms, or a mix of both, is possible.


So, in conclusion, our barndominium floor plans give you limitless options. Our DIY barndominium kits will make the magic happens.

Need an example? Here’s how someone created their dream home, from planning to reality.


Our barndominium plans to use all the materials needed; each material is high-quality and allows you to adjust if needed. In addition, no walls are load-bearing, which means it’s so simple to mold your home in ways that conventional construction doesn’t allow.


Suppose you’re interested in our steel barndominiums. In that case, we’ll help you create the perfect living quarters, starting with drawing them, getting the basic details down, and helping you figure out the electrical plans. Then, you can build the perfect steel barndominium.


Think of your barndominium living quarters as your easel. One of the biggest barndominium advantages is that the possibilities are endless. From your living room to your entertainment rooms, you can create something you will love, all with major cost savings.


That said, you may imagine the interior being drab when you think of metal buildings. However, the absolute steel frame only applies to the outside. So you can have an interior finish that looks like a gorgeous rustic farmhouse or something more modern. Each barndominium building we’ve helped build looks different, all masterfully tailored to someone’s comfort.


Because they are so much cheaper, many clients can create a modern farmhouse with a much better quality of life.

Everything went together as they said it would. It came with the floor plan included and handed it straight to our builder and he said it was easy to follow.

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